21 Success Quotes by Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn once said, “I can’t do anything about the length of my life, but I can do something about its width and depth.” This quote exemplifies the idea that we should not be striving for perfection because it is unattainable. We are all imperfect creatures in a world where everything seems to be perfect. But what if instead of hiding our imperfections from everyone else, we embraced them? What would happen then?

Jim Rohn Quotes

You don’t need to be perfect at anything. You have to do your very best. “How can I succeed if I’m not willing to change?” You have the power of choice in everything you do and say; use that power wisely!

You might have to try several times, but you don’t need be perfect at anything. You just need to do your very best and then move on. Other people will criticize you no matter what you say or do. Let them be! Be proud of who you are and take care about yourself.

Start by Working on Yourself

Jim Rohn Quotes

Learn to work harder on yourself than you do at your job. Do not be afraid of the hard work that it takes because, in time, all will come out well for you and those around you!

Change is for the Good

“All the best things in life are worth fighting for,” Aristotle said, and Jim Rohn popularized that notion. The same idea can be seen from a different perspective: “There’s always room for improvement.” You don’t have to wait until your life is perfect before you start making changes; make improvements as they come up!

Start Today – You are Enough

Don’t be afraid to start from wherever you are. With whatever you have, put your best foot forward and make a commitment that nothing will stop or slow down your progress on the way to success.

Jim Rohn Quotes

If I could give you one thing, it would be the strength to care for yourself. In a world where so many are too busy looking after others, they forget about themselves, knowing how vital self-care can help make life livable again. The more we look out for our well-being and put ourselves first in those moments when things get challenging or difficult – without guilt or regret – then the more substantial chance we have at living happier lives.

Five Years from Now Where Do You Want to BE?

Jim Rohn Quotes

A person’s destination may not be the same place they were in yesterday, but their direction can constantly shift to lead them towards a new path.

If you ever find yourself focusing on your past mistakes instead of looking ahead, remember that it is never too late to make things right again. Sometimes all we need is just one more chance.

Sometimes all we need for our next act in life is just one more chance or opportunity – and if today has been spent doing nothing else than messing up, then tomorrow will surely come with opportunities for redemption.”

You Have Everything that You Need

It is the little things in life that matter, not those who tell you what to do. The world was built by people with a vision and determination like your own. So don’t be discouraged about achieving any goal because no one can stop you but yourself.

If I could, I would, But if it’s possible for me, why wouldn’t it be possible for anyone? Don’t live an empty existence where there are many more possibilities than just “if” – say ‘yes’ instead of waiting on someone else saying yes so they’ll approve of your idea or dream!

In life, everyone is looking for happiness. We have been conditioned to believe that we need approval from others and materialistic items in order to be happy when it’s impossible with these things alone. The more you put your focus on what brings you joy – whether it’s a person or an activity- the happier you will feel because “selfishness can sometimes bring about great acts of generosity.”

The potential for creating future miracles is ideally in your grasp. You just need to have the discipline and determination necessary to make it happen!

You cannot design your future without first creating for your present. Happiness is not something you can put off until tomorrow; it’s a way of life that starts now.

A good starting point to find happiness is by learning the art of giving (tithing). Giving externally makes us feel better inside out because we know someone else will benefit from our hard work. And when you are happy outside, this opens up space in ourselves where love and joy can flow freely.

Jim Rohn Quotes

The only thing that can stop you is yourself. If it’s something in your way, there’s no one else to blame but the person who put up those obstacles themselves!

Don’t wish for anything less than excellence, as if we’re capable of more and everything around us just needs a little bit of our time spent on it: this world deserves nothing short of what we want to give back.

Eat Right, Exercise and Learn Something Everyday

Every day, we are given new opportunities to make a difference. Every person you meet is another chance for your life’s love stories to unfold in unexpected ways.

Take care of yourself and others with compassion: It’s the only place that matters-every moment counts!

There are countless times in your life where people could have made different decisions, and the real outcome would’ve been changed- for better or worse. You’re not a tree, so don’t stay silent when things need changing because it’s always up to YOU what happens next!

Daily Habits Make the Difference

The harder you work, the more rewarding it will be.

The greater your success is in life depends on how hard you are willing to push yourself and try new things outside of what society has deemed typical or expected.

Jim Rohn Quotes

You can’t buy more time. You could get another dollar, but you’ll never be able to spend it because there are no stores for seconds and minutes. Buy a timer that’s worth your money!

Jim Rohn Quotes

The more authentically and honestly we are, the better chance of attracting what we want in life – happiness included!

Learn From Those Who Have Traveled Your Path

Jim Rohn Quotes

“The wrong road is a hard one, but it’s not impossible to find the right way. The first step you should take when someone has lost their way in life and needs guidance on where they need to be going next is to have them learn about themselves.”

“It doesn’t matter how many times people fall down- all that matters is that we keep getting back up again.”

Jim Rohn Quotes

The first thing you should try is doing it on your own; chances are there’s more than one way of solving a particular issue or achieving an end goal. The second solution would be teaching oneself by reading about similar books dedicated to such matters (or even online). Lastly – don’t forget to ask people how they solved their problems before! They’re bound to have some pretty good tips, if not immediate solutions themselves, for helping with your specific needs or task at hand.

Priorities First – Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

Succeeding is a process that takes constant effort and dedication, but it’s not impossible to reach the top of your game. As long as you work hard at what you’re doing – whether it’s getting up early or staying late – success can come with ease rather than difficulty!

This quote seems uninspiring at first, but it’s actually entirely accurate and offers insight into how we learn from our mistakes. When you fail, do not dwell on the negative emotions that come with failure because this will only keep repeating those same thoughts until they become a habit for you! Instead of focusing on what went wrong, take pride in knowing that through these failures came wisdom which can help us to make better decisions next time around when faced with similar challenges as before during future encounters.

The way you respond to challenging situations is often a lot more important than what’s happening. You are strong enough for anything that comes your way, and this message should be conveyed with an inspiring tone of voice!

 “You’re never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.” -Jim Rohn. Jim’s quotes have inspired me at different points in my life, and I’m sure they will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. His words are timeless and relevant no matter what your age is! Which quote of his resonates with you most? Let us know below to better serve our customers by providing them with more content that speaks to their needs.

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