How to Decorate a Home Office in 10 Easy Steps

Is your home office an uninspiring place to work, a place where one would rather keep the door closed than venture inside? Turn your dull, boring home office into an energizing, inspirational and motivating environment. A place in which to grow your own small business and get your projects done.

After organizing and decorating my home office I discovered that I could focus better and became more productive working on my projects. It brought clarity to my work and eliminated the distractions.

Here are some tips on how to decorate a home office. With a little ingenuity and
elbow grease, your home office environment will become an inspirational place to work to build your business.

Step One – Designate a Space

Select an area of your home to use as a home office. Whenever possible designate a separate room, but if your short on space pick a quiet area of your home to set up shop. This space is for working – not watching videos or surfing the net. The goal is to create an inspiring productive environment for working.

Step Two – Sprucing up with Paint

What color should you paint your office to be the most productive? A quick search on Google will show that Blue is the most productive color to paint your office. To enhance your creativity – choose yellow.

Best Paint Color for a Home Office

The great thing about paint is that it is easy to change colors with a little elbow grease. Spreading the work out over several days will be easier than trying to do everything at once. Divide the room into sections and work on one wall at a time. Use a Paint Edger to create perfect lines without the hassle of tape or shaky hands.

Give your home office a makeover with paint. This is the quickest way to freshen the look and feel of the room.

Step Three – Setup Your Work Desk

Select a desk that works best for you and your budget. The desk surface requires a space for a computer, writing area and containers to keep pens, pencils, etc. Below are several ideas to use for your office workstation.

DYI DESK – Two File Cabinets and a Door

This is an old standby for the budget office. Place an old door or piece of wood flanked on both sides by two file cabinets. Many entrepreneurs have started with a simple design like this because it functions well. The main thing is to create a place that increases your productivity.

Dining Table or Folding Card Table

Almost any flat surface can be converted into a desk. Brendon Burchard is famous for setting up a small card table in his bedroom to write his book. Use a simple table or the dining room table until you can afford a desk.

Tanker Desks

Vintage Tanker desks were often used as teachers desks. They are quite impressive, well-built and designed to hold everything at your fingertips. They have a large top, two file drawers, pencil drawers, cutting board, etc. Vintage Tanker Desks can often be found on Craig’s List. The metal can be painted in a rainbow of colors and the top can be customized with a granite or live edge wood top. Making it one impressive place to work.

Sit or Stand at Your Desk 

Staying healthy is part of a successful business. Sitting all day at a desk is not good for your health. The solution to having to sit for hours working at a computer is to use a sit-stand desk.

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Sit-Stand desks are made to easily adjust from a sitting position to a standing position. The height can be adjusted manually or automatically. Some are made to fit on top of an existing desk and others offer a complete desk unit.

The benefit of using a sit-stand desk is that it is better for your health. It gives your body a chance to change positions and help maintain good posture.

Step Four – Office Feng Shui

The desk is usually the largest piece of furniture in an office. It is the focal point and the workhorse of the room. Place the desk so that your back against a wall when seated. This is the command position that allows you to see when someone walks into the room.

Place potted plants to enhance the Feng Shui of your room and brighten the atmosphere. To learn more about Feng Shui and furniture placement for your office click here.

Step Five – Chair or Ball

Find the most comfortable ergonomic chair that you can afford. The Chair will be occupied for long hours so it must be comfortable. Look for a chair that has adjustable height and lumbar support.

Tip: Sometimes sitting at a desk will make your back hurt from hunching over and working at a keyboard. A solution to this problem is to place a lumbar pillow behind your back which will straighten the lower part of your back, keeping it in line so it does not hurt. A lumbar pillow is an inexpensive solution to relieving a backache.

Balls are becoming popular in offices. Watch the video below before you decide to use a ball for your office chair.


Step Six – Create Visual Inspiration

Make your office visually inspiring. On one wall, hang a collage of inspirational photos. Use photos of loved ones, places you want to visit and a wish board of things you want to see or have in the future.

Place a bookshelf along another wall to display your favorite books. Incorporate photos of family, friends, knickknacks and green artificial plants. Lay some books sideways on the shelf to give a little dimension to the bookcase.

Step Seven – Exercise Bike or Treadmill – Double Duty

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We are always learning something new. Have you ever thought about placing your treadmill or exercise bike in your office?

If you find yourself spending time each day sitting and watching learning videos or surfing the net consider getting some exercise while doing these activities.

Simply place a treadmill in a position where you can see your monitor. Before you know it, a few pounds will melt away and you’ll start feeling the benefits of exercising.

Step Eight – Light Up Your World

Lighting is an important part of decorating because it sets the mood for the room. Select lighting for function over form.

Place your lamps so that they do not reflect on your computer screen. You may have to move them around a bit to find the best location to place them.

Step Nine – Favorite Office Toys

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Add a few favorite toys to give your office some pizzazz. One of my favorites is a Newton’s Cradle – For Every Action, There is an equal and opposite reaction. I often think about what my actions will create, and this little toy demonstrates it so clearly.

Miniature cars are also fun to place on a desk. Choose a toy model that is like the one you are thinking about getting in the future.

Step Ten – Get ‘Ur Done

Yep, the reason we are decorating our offices is so that we can get our work done. Running a small online business from your home can be very rewarding. You can earn money to travel, fund a college education or just raise your standard of living. But it takes time and it takes work.

Create a space today that will inspire you to reach your business goals and help you earn more money.

Productivity Tip

To increase your productivity work for about 50 minutes then take a ten-minute break. Set a timer for 50 minutes when you begin working, when the alarm rings, get up and walk around for a few minutes, get a drink of water, jump up and down, just do some type of movement.

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4 thoughts on “How to Decorate a Home Office in 10 Easy Steps”

  1. My goal in the near future is to be able to work from home. That sounds like the life. I’m still in college so I cant really design my own office space but I definitely will be able to one day. Designing rooms is just something that will always be fun and satisfying.

    • Since your a college student you may want to start with a desk where you do your homework. Starting young and developing good habits for organizing your living/working space will pay off in the future. Usually college students have small rooms so it will be a challenge. Hope in the future you can work from home and enjoy a well decorated home office.

  2. Hi, I like your 10 easy ways to beautify a home office.It is interesting to learn that I can incorporate exercise in my work schedule .I would like you to explain more on the healthy benefits of having a break after every 50 minutes.
    Would you be in a position to give me a short or rough estimate of how much it would cost me to improve the overall appearance of my home office.

    • The health benefits of giving yourself a short break after 50 minutes gives your body a chance to move and stop to drink some water. It also gives your mind a chance to relax and clear a little which will help give you more focus when you return to work. Try it and see if it makes a difference in your productivity.

      Decorating a home office fits all budgets. If you are a do it yourself person on a small budget than you would most likely do some painting and shop at rummage sales or second hand stores to supply your furnishings. $25 – $200 Budget. When decorating begin with a budget in mind, so that you can select your furnishings with in your budget. It helps to develop a room plan so you know what you want.  Higher Budgets $1,000 – $10,000.


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